Zombie Raider

Zombie Raider

Are you expert in exactly aiming and shooting at targets, even though these are the moving ones? Then, spend time enjoying Zombie Raider to prove yourself now!

A Minecraft region is being threatened by a swarm of cruel zombies. The objective is to help a brave soldier to save the region. Guide him to move and use the gun to shoot at any zombie ahead before they launch their counter-attacks. The task should be fulfilled by making use of the prescribed buttons and the mouse. Touching these enemies should be kept to a minimum so as to protect his health. Let’s show your quickness and high observation to assist the soldier in surviving as long as possible against zombies’ onslaught.

So, don’t hesitate anymore! Play Zombie Raider and have a fun moment!


How to play

Guide the soldier with WASD or arrow keys.
Aim and shoot with the left mouse.


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