Zombie Miner

Zombie Miner

How is your day, players? Did you know that Minecraft has just given you the good news by an interesting game? What will you do if getting stuck in a zombie land? Find the answer and challenge your skill by playing Zombie Miner instantly!

The game comes with 9 items for players to complete the mission. Armed with the pickaxe, you should use it to destroy the blocks and construct a safety shelter for yourself. Then, put stones, rocks, and brick walls around the house to prevent the wave of enemies. Consider building traps and mazes to lock their movement, while lava is also set up to kill the undead bodies. Make sure to take action quickly because you have only 199 seconds to survive over such bloodthirsty zombies.

Enjoy Zombie Miner and good luck to you! Share your achievement if you are confident about it!


How to play

Press ASWD keys to move.
Tap the mouse to break and put the blocks.
Hit 1-9 keys to select the items.


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