Whack A Craft

Whack A Craft

Here is Steve. He wants to craft armor, weapons, shields, tools, etc. for the upcoming battle against monsters that destruct everything and kill everyone in the Minecraft world. Of course, he cannot win a victory without your assistance. Make sure to participate in Whack A Craft and lend him a hand now, guys!

At first, players must collect a lot of materials. How? Just mine items and blocks that pop up from holes in the Cave or the Field till they are broken into pieces. Second, open the Protip and have a good grip on recipes. Learn how to craft them by using the collected materials. Since creepers that pop up from the holes can also harm Steve, make sure to kill them first before it’s too late.

Hope that you will enjoy a fun moment within Whack A Craft! Enjoy!


How to play

The game is simply controlled by the left mouse.


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