Wall Defender

Wall Defender

Wall Defender is considered a fighting defense game, which is inspired by Minecraft. Enjoy it right now, or you will regret about that.

Becoming a soldier of the Minecraft world is what you must role-play today. The gruesome zombies aim to invade your city and eat everyone. The best way to rescue the city and people is to slaughter them all. Please chop their head by using your mighty sword. Never let them touch you, or you’ll cost one heart. You are given 5 hearts in total. If these 5 hearts disappear, the game will be over. Spend time defeating the enemies and fulfilling the mission. Interestingly, you can invite a friend to play the game and increase the damage.

Killing all zombies is the most important mission of Wall Defender. Good luck and try best!


How to play

Player 1: Arrow keys are used to walk and attack.
Player 2: ASDW keys are used to walk and attack.


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