Right now, let’s follow us to enjoy a new type of Minecraft, called SuperCraft. What you do in the game is really simple! Help a superhero to protect the world. Yes, it is a big and significant mission is! Come on!

The name of the hero is Steve. Plenty of enemies flying in the sky are attacking him. To help him, you must do 2 jobs. Initially, Steven should be kept in balance on air. So you must control him cleverly by using the left mouse. Secondly, make sure to instruct him exactly aim and fire at such flying enemies ahead. Try to do these tasks at the same time so that our hero does not fall down, or the game is over! The more dead enemies reward you with the valuable bonuses and high scores.

Inspire yourself with the content of SuperCraft now! Wish you all happy and fun with the choice at weekend!


How to play

Fly: Use the mouse.
Shoot: Use the spacebar key.


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