Look! Steve is in a rush and in need of your support right now. He is not only getting lost in a scary Minecraft maze, but also being chased by hordes of cruel creatures. They will kill him right after catching him successfully. Don’t let this terrible thing happen! Enter SteveRun to save this poor boy out of trouble.

He now encounters a series of challenging obstacles along the way. Don’t let him hit the brick wall, or he passes away. Use your clever hands and velocity skill to support Steve in leaping over the obstacles and keep running ahead as far as possible. Though he is a brave man, he is still frightened of upcoming and terrible dangers. Become his excellent guide and raise him up whenever he encounters the pitfalls during the trip. Do best to help him avoid all threats and become the winner of ever.

Play SteveRun and good luck!


How to play

Avail the arrow keys to play this game.


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