Skincraft 2

Skincraft 2

Hi, everybody! Playing Skincraft 2 gives you a chance to create lots of different skins for Steve – a Minecraft guy. Don’t skip this interesting game, especially if you are a big fan of Minecraft!

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Steve is often the main character in most Minecraft games. Although his appearance is handsome, he’s never changed outfit since he met you. It’s so dull and boring, right? Today, your job is to become his stylist, who makes him more wonderful and different than ever! Just like the first version, the game comes with 6 free skins. But, a big difference is that Minecraft Guy skin will be replaced by Steve skin. Sound terrific, huh? There is a wide selection of pieces and pre-made parts for you to create the layer. Make sure to give him the new mustache, beard, hair, glasses, hats, and accessories.

Let us see your achievement by uploading it on Good luck and enjoy Skincraft 2, guys!


How to play

Play the game by the mouse only.

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