Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft

Travel around the Minecraft world is always a dream of many explorers, especially Steve. If you want to become one member of his travel schedules, there is nothing greater than participating in Paper Minecraft! Make sure to join in the adventure with ease! Here we come!

He wants you to help him survive in the Minecraft world as long as you can in order to discover every mystery here. Be careful since the world is hometown of many gruesome creepers! As a smart guide, consider building a safe shelter where Steve can hide. First of all, move him around to mine and accumulate necessary materials (such as wood, sand, stones, rocks, etc.). Second, combine them all to create a solid house. Let’s transform it into a more beautiful one by using alluring items. Keep Steve alive by feeding him with sheep. Otherwise, he can pass away.

Happy time and good luck to you in Paper Minecraft!! Let’s go!


How to play

Build & mine: The left cursor.
Travel anywhere: The arrow keys.


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