Onet Connect Foods

Onet Connect Foods

Hello, anybody! Onet Connect Foods is an incredible classic matching game you should not miss at weekend.

The main goal is so simple! Players should express their sharp-eyed and skillful ability to figure out any similar items as soon as possible! The 2 identical foods will be removed when you click on them. But, keep in mind that the street between such 2 foods is only maximized within 3 lines. Hence, make effort to eliminate all the food items before time is up. In addition, it is quite possible to add more 10 seconds of playing or even use the hint function deadlock after your fund reaches up to 5000$. For that reason, try to save point game as much as possible!

Playing Onet Connect Foods is a good way to know how many scores you gain and how intelligent you are. Good luck!


How to play

Simply to get the game activated by the left mouse only.

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