Mini Commando

Mini Commando

Mini Commando becomes a good choice for those who want to improve their fighting skills. Get ready to conquer the game? Here we come!

It tells about an event during the Second World War. It happened to an unlucky man, called John. Unfortunately, his family members have been captured locked by the Nazi enemies. At present, he is on the way to the Nazi’s area to rescue them. As his guide, you are required to help John shoot at all of the bad guards that are coming close to him. It is important to observe the surrounding carefully because the enemies may hide themselves behind the fortresses. Never let them shoot at John, or he will immediately die. A series of challenges are waiting for our guy to conquer before he reaches the final destination and saves his beloved. Make sure to use your prominent smartness and skill to have them beaten up.

Get ready for the upcoming battle? It is not an easy task! Try best to win Mini Commando!


How to play

The game is surely controlled by the cursor.


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