Mineral Rush

Mineral Rush

Once upon a time, legend has it that a treasure filled with diamonds was buried under the ground in an isolated Kingdom. Such precious stones will belong to those who find it first. Unfortunately, nobody might find it so far. Want to have a chance to become a billionaire? Would you like to look for and possess the treasure? Then, wisely enter Mineral Rush and get ready for the upcoming adventure. Let’s explore!

Today, we lead you to the land of Minecraft. After setting foot in here, you will see three types of rock. Don’t hesitate to break them and mine treasures by using the pickaxe. The more treasures you collect, the much more money you get. Then, go shopping and make deals on helpful equipments, like Pickaxe, Sword, Shield and Necklace. It is better to avoid Paulous. This bad guy will attack and steal your pocket.

If you are lucky enough, the treasure is yours. Happy time in Mineral Rush! Good luck!


How to play

The game is merely controlled by the mouse.


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