Welcome you all to MineQuest where you have a chance to explore scary mines, craft useful items and gather as much as precious stone as possible! Wow, it is hard to say NO to this game. Don’t miss it any more!

First of all, your eyes will be drawn to a giant rock ahead. What should you do with the rock? Simply click the rock non-stop to collect raw materials. Next, consider crafting the more useful pickaxes by making use of these materials. The power of your weapon and mining & crafting abilities are just enhanced by making deals on new upgrades. Hard clicks will bring back your combos and scores! Mine hidden gems to create the more superb weapons! Helping the duo to realize the miraculous secrets of what happened to the missing dwarfs is the most vital thing here!

Well, it is so great, isn’t it? Play MineQuest and good luck to you all!


How to play

The mouse is clicked to mine any available materials.


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