Want to rotate the world? Nothing is impossible in this Minecraft world. Playing MineIT, you will have a chance to see the world unlimitedly being rotated. Right now, please put your crafting, mining, and building skills aside, and then enjoy this wonderful game with the rotating dimension! Let’s go!

The objective is to rotate the world as well as roll the resources to the final destination. Never let them get stuck, or you must come back to look for the missing materials. It is difficult to stop when the rotating process starts. But, when familiar with it, you’ll surely fall in love with spinning the world freely. Do best to revolve the blocks to free way for the mines. Notice that it is a nice idea to gather experience spheres for more points.

Sounds fun and great, huh? Take part in MineIT and discover its content right now!


How to play

The game is controlled by using the arrow keys or A, D keys.


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