Hi, everyone! Are you ready to make a life-changing exploration to a gorgeous island in Minecraft world and immerse yourself in great days for the rest of life? If so, make no hesitation to enter MineFlash – a new type of Minecraft game right now! This classic game is really easy to play, due to its simple graphic. Here we are!

At first, you are required to collect 40 solid planks of wood through regularly punching the tree to build a normal house. Second, consider mining blocks to gather stones, rocks, and other essential materials to upgrade the house. Once the house is totally completed, mine gems and diamonds for fund by using a pickaxe. Continuously go shopping to buy some rare resources. Lastly, make sure to craft powerful weapons that help destroy enemies and get XP points. The best way to conquer the game is to follow the instructions.

So, are you excited enough to play MineFlash? Let’s go, all gamers!


How to play

The mouse is merely used to take control of this game.


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