Minecraft Tower Defense Final

Minecraft Tower Defense Final

It is dangerous to know that a swarm of zombies is on the way to invade the beautiful Minecraft world. They are now in a rush on destroying this hard-built zone without any remorse. So, please participate in Minecraft Tower Defense Final to set up your defense system and secure this world now. It becomes an ideal spot to express your courage and brainpower. Come on!

First of all, excellently dig a path leading to your shelter. Of course, the long and wavy path is much better than the short one! Second, place a few traps and turrets to dominate a lot of enemies, like spiders, skeletons, ghost, zombies, and so on. Have smart strategy when putting traps, towers, and turrets along the way. Playing without strategies can cause the death right after these enemies enter the house and will slay you for no reason. Destroy all of them to get coins and go through three maps of Island, Dungeon, and Nether.

So, enjoy Minecraft Tower Defense Final for fun!


How to play

Simply utilize the mouse to control the game.


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