Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery

Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery

If improving shooting skill is what you are concerned about, then no place can beat Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery. Wow! It is hard to say NO, especially when you are a loyal fan of Minecraft, right?

The game requires its players to conquer 4 levels by making use of their reflection and shooting skill. And the main objective is to exactly aim and shoot at all targets so that they are removed from the interface as quickly as possible. Such targets include skeletons, green creepers, or TNT packs. Be careful as they can jump up and down, which makes your shooting period more difficult. The final level brings you a slight surprise. You have to explode TNT packs within a limited amount of time. How challenging the level is!

Partake in Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery and good luck to you all! Here we go!


How to play

The shooting game is controlled by using the left mouse.


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