Minecraft Platform

Minecraft Platform

In Minecraft Platform, you will see a little critter that gets lost in a large and scary maze. And he is calling for your goodness and assistance so that he can escape from here as quickly as possible! Get ready? Take action now!

What the game does require you to do is to help the critter look for a hidden door in each stage in order that he may come to the surface soon. The hidden door is located on the right side of the screen in Level 1 and 2 and the left side of the screen in Level 3 and 4. Make sure to guide him here. Be cautious with the final level where you can face up to a big Minecraft man. This man can kill the critter by his bullets. So, don’t forget to use arrows to shoot at him as quickly as possible.

Try best to support the critter overcoming all levels in Minecraft Platform! Hope that you will have a fun moment!


How to play

Arrow key: Instruct the critter.
Spacebar key: Shoot.


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