Minecraft Mob Arena

Minecraft Mob Arena

A swarm of bloodthirsty zombies have reached and invaded Steve’s town. These creatures imprisoned and ate innocent people everyday. That’s why Steve decided to enter the zombies’ arena and slaughter them all to rescue the citizens. Although he is confident in his wisdom and ability to fight with such cruel enemies, he also needs your help, players! Play Minecraft Mob Arena right now.

Please guide Steve to move and slay any zombie who gets close to him. Never let them touch him, or he dies and the game is over. The more zombies he kills, the better the score will be and the more XP points he gains. Consider spending XP on buying armor and equipments which are useful to deal with bigger battle. Killing the boss and beating up all of the zombies are what you must do to save Steve’s kingdom.

Get ready? Play Minecraft Mob Arena and let’s go.


How to play

ASDW keys are pressed to guide Steve.
The mouse is clicked to attack.


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