Minecraft Flash

Minecraft Flash

Promptly enter Minecraft Flash where a Minecraft guy is calling for your support! He is now in a dangerous circumstance. Are you ready? Enjoy for fun right now!

What did happen? A week ago, he got lost in an unknown forest while in search for food. At that time, he found it hard to define the starting point. Unfortunately, he was also being surrounded by a group of green creepers. Become his loyal guide! First of all, move him to a position at the right side when the night falls down. Night is when the creepers start to destruct everything. If possible, don’t hesitate to build a tiny shelter for him through removing a few blocks next to him. Ensure that he may not be weakened by feeding him with meat.

The man wishes to escape from the forest as quickly as possible! Play Minecraft Flash and do best to make his wish come true. Begin now!


How to play

Destroy blocks: The left mouse.
Move around: The ASDW keys.


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