Minecraft Endless Runner

Minecraft Endless Runner

Hi, everyone! Feel free to enjoy a cool running game, namely Minecraft Endless Runner now! Its challenging task surely catches your attention at the first sight.

It is a cute duck – the main character. He feels worried since he is getting lost and confused about how to come back home. In addition, a lot of zombies and creepers are also preventing his movement, while a swarm of detestable ghosts flying in the sky can catch him any time. The duck needs your help, guys. Please help him jump over those beasts without being eaten by any flying ghosts. Of course, try not to let the monsters touch him, or he dies and the game is over. The objective is to keep the duck alive as long as possible for the high score.

Get ready to control the duck to dodge any type of cruel enemies? Enjoy Minecraft Endless Runner and have a good time!


How to play

Start the game by the left mouse.
Leap over by the W key.


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