Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Although Green Creepers are always humans’ enemies in most of Minecraft games, they still have their own wishes and dreams. Want to know more? Entering Minecraft Creeper Diamond, you are revealed the fact that these creepers are always thirsty for treasures under the ground. Let’s help a kind creeper to fulfill this dream right now!

Today, the creeper is on a journey to discovering and collected diamonds which are buried in a scary cave. The cave is seldom visited by others, because of its dangers and challenges. The hardest obstacles inside the cave are Lava Blocks and opposite arrow blocks. Make sure to help him jump over these blocks in each stage so that he cannot fall down or even turn back to the checking point! Get the flag to continue playing the next level. It is also a checkpoint.

So, what are you feeling? Can you help him collect all sources of diamonds in Minecraft Creeper Diamond? Good luck!


How to play

The spacebar is pressed to jump.
The arrow keys are pressed to move.


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