Minecraft Craft

Minecraft Craft

If you are fond of playing Minecraft games, then Minecraft Craft should be added to your favorite list right now! It is about Steve who makes another adventure today. Have the Play button pressed to accompany him right away!

Wonder why he wants to travel? Many days ago, while in search of food in a weird jungle, his family confronted a group of aggressive creepers. Unfortunately, all the members in the family were caught and captured in a tiny cave underground, except for him. And your primary objective is to help Steve looking his family members and free them. Make sure to demolish bricks so that he finds out the cave. But, each step will cost him one life. That’s why you are advised to choose the short and simple way to the cave.

Start enjoying Minecraft Craft and go with Steve right now, dear guys! Good luck to you all.


How to play

The left mouse is mainly used to demolish bricks.
The ASDW keys are mainly used to go ahead.


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