Minecraft Block Story

Minecraft Block Story

Hello, all Minecraft fans! Spend time enjoying Minecraft Block Story as it is a creative game inspired by the sandbox format! If becoming a skilled architect is your pursuit, then let the game make your dream come true now! Set out to work at once!

During the game, there are 2 interesting activities you must complete. These include constructing and discovering the game world. First of all, go for a stroll around various terrains to look for and gather materials. Then, have them placed in a suitable way to create the desirable achievement. Secondly, fight against creepers, zombies, or even bad guys during the adventure to explore the game map. Don’t forget to collect valuable treasures from a few rich mines. That is all!

Get ready for the upcoming tasks? Embark on Minecraft Block Story right now!


How to play

Go around by the arrow keys.
Mine blocks, build constructions, attack enemies, collect items, etc. by the mouse.


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