Minecraft Avoider

Minecraft Avoider

Come on, players! Please partake in Minecraft Avoider as Steve is now being surrounded by a number of fearful zombies. Escaping from the cursed tower, the walking dead are in need of a shelter to live. And Steve’s house is their aim. They want to occupy this place and kill him to death. Lend him a hand right now!

See! He is stuck in stopping their invasion since they are too crowded. The only weapon he has, at that time, is an unlimited number of sharp arrows. What you have to do is to help him aim and shoot these arrows at the zombies that attack him from many ways until they are totally eliminated. Please remember that such the enemies may be more crowded and powerful time by time. As a result, if the protagonist is being assaulted too much, he will soon die.

Enjoy Minecraft Avoider and show off your goodness and kindness!


How to play

The arrow/ASDW keys are pressed to move around.
The left mouse is pressed to shoot.


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