Mine Upgrade

Mine Upgrade

After entering Mine Upgrade, you are led to rich minerals. What to do with these minerals? The answer can be only found by playing it! Here we come!

Listed as an idle-click game, it wants players to mine all precious items and rarer ores in a cave. Of course, this task is only done by the given pickaxe. Freely mine diamond, coal, ruby, gold, and so on to collect much more money. Next, use your collected budget to buy practical upgrades, recruit more miners, and increase the mining productivity. Interestingly, the job will be automatically carried out at higher levels. So, what you have to do, at that time, is to watch and take control over the whole process. How fun!

The best way to become rich is to show off your high patience and focus! Hope that you will gain a lot of valuable experience through playing Mine Upgrade! Let’s go!


How to play

The mouse button should cleverly be controlled to play this clicking game.


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