Mine Runner

Mine Runner

Oh, no! A group of monsters are coming! So, what will you do as a last soldier in the world? Please try best to fight against them to save innocence people now! That is what you have to do in Mine Runner! Let’s go!

Hold the given gun and reach the Headquarters of ugly enemies now! Be careful since a series of obstacles (lava, green fences…) are also set up along the path to prevent you from rescuing the city. Make sure to jump, run, and slide over such items without crushing them, or you fail. There are sometimes bloodthirsty zombies that try to eat you. Don’t forget to shoot and knock them out by using your powerful gun. Further, it is also a nice idea to gather gold coins along the path to purchase weapons and upgrade your strength.

Are you ready to face up to a lot of dangers ahead? Set foot in Mine Runner to play and win. Good luck!


How to play

The W key or Up arrow key is used to attack.
The S key or Down arrow key is used to duck.
The A,D keys or Left, Right arrow keys are used to move.
The Space bar is used to jump.


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