Mine Clone v3

Mine Clone v3

Hey, the new and cool update of Mine Clone, namely Mine Clone v3, is trusted to leave you dazzled with many fresh and interesting features! Get ready to explore the game on your own? Come on!

Along with building process, this game is also listed as a survival mode. That means you are required to survive under a dramatic fight between dragons and dinosaurs as long as possible. How? It is time to build unique and protective structures by using available blocks in the Inventory, like sand, lava, wood, pumpkins, cactuses, rocks, flowers, chests, and more. Although the task sounds simple it should be done by showing your creativeness, patience, and cleverness. By the way, promptly complete these buildings to cope with many monsters here.

Mine Clone v3 is about survival. Try best to finish your architectural work and good luck!


How to play

Go by using the ASDW keys or arrow keys.
Attack or break blocks by using the left mouse.
Jump by using the spacebar key.
Open the Inventory by using the E key.


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