Mine Caves

Mine Caves

Mine Caves inspires players with a Minecraft-like maze. What they have to do, after entering the game, is to guide the main character through the maze so that he gathers an amount of gems! Of course, it is not a simple task because he must face up to many dangers ahead. Become his loyal protector right now! Let’s go!

As you see, the miner is now in trouble with a pixel dimension where nobody dares to explore. To give him a hand, you must guide him to run through horrible corridors, accumulate all valuable gems, and reach the exit portal. While taking advantage of your special lightning speed, be careful of the pixelated monsters that lurk the depths. Do best to fly through the dark caves as well as look for all sparkling items, stars and diamonds for the high score and extra bonus.

We hope that you are confident enough to conquer Mine Caves with ease! Good luck!


How to play

Move by the Mouse or Arrow keys


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