Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks

Make sure to tickle your creativeness by an arrival to Mine Blocks – one of the most wonderful and creative Minecraft games. What are you waiting for? Set the game in motion right now!

There is an only task you must do after entering the game. That is to create your own world where buildings, gardens, river, sky, etc. are nicely combined. First of all, please spend time fulfilling all of the achievements in a Task List so as to get huge support by pressing T key to know what you should do. Then, consider looking for a large and flat area to begin the building process. The best way to form favorable castles, churches, palaces, and houses is to arrange the collected blocks orderly according to your imagination. It is better to learn how to craft weapons and tools to increase the quality of work.

Set foot on Mine Blocks and enjoy all awesome things now!


How to play

Go around: WASD or arrow keys.
Mine blocks: The mouse.
Place blocks: Shift key and the mouse.
Open the Task List: T key.


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