Midnight Miner

Midnight Miner

Midnight Miner is what you have to do today! The job of the miner is to drill his way underground to gather as much treasure as possible! It is really interesting, right? Come on!

The deeper you do best to mine, the more precious gems and metals you encounter and add to the budget. There are silver, gold, rubies, diamonds, etc., on the underground to explore. But, everything is not as easy as you expect. Avoid buried stones because they will cripple the mining machine and you have to restart the game. The more descending you move, the more careful and focused you should be. After collecting a considerable amount of precious gems, you should go to the Shop and buy upgrades which help to boost the mining craft and dig much more treasure!

Although Midnight Miner sounds wonderful to enjoy, you can encounter some difficulties in the first levels. Try best!


How to play

Play the game with the Left, Right, and Down arrow keys.


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