Kill The Creeper

Kill The Creeper

As a Minecraft buff, we all know that creepers are the most dangerous creature and the most hateful opponents of humans. They always attack innocent people, ruin houses and steal foods. Want to eliminate them forever? Your wish does come true after entering Kill The Creeper! Get ready to act? Here we go!

First of all, it is easy to realize that these creepers are now standing on blocks. Second, your goal is to destroy any block so as to make them fall down a lava river under. The task is effectively done if you use caution and intelligence. Ensure to take advantage of other supportive blocks. There are 10 stages for you to wipe out all the creepers. In addition, if you fail to let the creeper fall the Lava, don’t forget to tap the Reset button to start again.

Kill The Creeper becomes a good spot to prove and enhance your ability! Good luck!


How to play

The mouse is an only tool to play this game.


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