Kill The Creeper 2

1 Kill the Creeper 2

Get yourself ready for a fun Minecraft puzzle game, called Kill The Creeper 2 now! In fact, it is another chapter in the series of Kill The Creeper. What to do now? Come on and explore on your own here!

The game brings players a brilliant chance to eliminate hateful creepers from the Minecraft world forever. The task here is quite similar to what you did in the first version. That is to destroy blocks in a proper sequence so that the creeper is led to the hot lava below. To be sure, your observation skill and intelligence play an important role in winning the game. Let’s use your brilliance to analyze which block needs to be broken to fulfill the mission perfectly. Keep in mind that you must avoid Steve, too! You are a loser if the creeper encounters Steve or fail to drop down the sea of fire.

Play and hope that you conquer Kill The Creeper 2 with ease!


How to play

The game is started by using the left mouse.


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