Idle Slime Miner

Idle Slime Miner

Jobs in Idle Slime Miner are really easy to do since what you need is to help a tiny critter discover lots of sparkling materials in a dark cave. Allowing the game to activate brings you fun and excitement!

It is fun to keep in mind that it is an idle-click game where Minecraft fans have permission to enter and play! Our miner works hard to gather as much treasure as possible. Use the given pickaxe to help him mine diamonds, gems, gold, or any precious items! Then, go inside to discover each room in the cave. You may be amazed to see a few very rare stones on the wall. Make no hesitancy to accumulate them all since they make a huge contribution to the mining process. Continue to click the object to save money. After that, go to the Shop and buy the miner’s strength, speed, and stamina.

Idle Slime Miner wins worldwide players’ heart by its easy and interesting content. Come on!


How to play

The mouse is just clicked to have this game activated.


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