Idle Mine Ex 2

Idle Mine Ex 2

Recently, players have been addicted to a new type of game, called Idle Clicker Game. What makes them enticed is its simple rule. All they must do is to use the left mouse and click non-stop while what they achieve from these soothing clicks can be unbelievable. Yes, we are talking about Idle Mine Ex 2! It seems a pity to ignore its fun platform. Come on!

As saying above, the core activity is to click and click to mine items in a cave until points are added to the fund. These items may include sapphires, gold ingots, rubies, gems, and even rocks. After saving a considerable amount of points, you should spend this rich budget on a wide range of cool upgrades which help to speed up the mining process.

Idle Mine Ex 2 inspires your mind by a job of an expert miner! Sweet time!


How to play

The game is all controlled by using the left mouse.


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