Floppy Craft

Floppy Craft

Hi, gamers! Are you good at playing Flappy Bird? Then, Floppy Craft becomes a good choice! Play the game and show us your feat. This new version is accompanied with many interesting features.

The main goal is simple! Make sure the craftsman flies through a jungle full of vertical pillars and narrow gaps without dropping down. The game is over if he encounters the pillars or even falls down on the ground. At that time, you must restart the game again. While the rule sounds simple, conquering it and having a good score is indeed a challenge. But, it is time to hone your skillful hands and observation skills. Play and let us see your ability!

Are you ready for the task? Then, don’t be reluctant to jump into Floppy Craft. Share us your excellent score after playing the game. OK? Good luck!


How to play

Simply make use of the mouse to enjoy the game.


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