Relax yourself and immerse in the content of FightingCraft right now! The game brings you a chance to show off your cleverness and smartness for sure. Here we are!

See a craftsman ahead? He would like to restore his old house by pushing and gathering sticks. Help his job become easier and more convenient by guiding him right or left. The game is over in two cases: First, if he unintentionally hits any type of obstructions. Second, if the timeout has just expired. Thus, be careful in all time. Do not forget to enjoy happy moments with other players. Then, have both your scores compared together. It is better to let your score be in good exchange of any craftsman you like best.

So, what do you think? Fall in love with FightingCraft at the first time? Hence, it’s time to play the game and enjoy your joyful time now.


How to play

To control the game, the left mouse should be used for sure.


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