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Get yourself ready for a fun Minecraft puzzle game, called Kill The Creeper 2 now! In fact, it is another chapter in the series of Kill The Creeper. What to do now? Come on and explore on your own here!

The game brings players a brilliant chance to eliminate hateful creepers from the Minecraft world forever. The task here is quite similar to what you did in the first version. That is to destroy blocks in a proper sequence so that the creeper is led to the hot lava below. To be sure, your observation skill and intelligence play an important role in winning the game. Let’s use your brilliance to analyze which block needs to be broken to fulfill the mission perfectly. Keep in mind that you must avoid Steve, too! You are a loser if the creeper encounters Steve or fail to drop down the sea of fire.

Play and hope that you conquer Kill The Creeper 2 with ease!

How to play

The game is started by using the left mouse.

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SuperCraft https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/supercraft/ https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/supercraft/#respond Sat, 06 May 2017 09:00:16 +0000 https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/supercraft/ SuperCraft

Right now, let’s follow us to enjoy a new type of Minecraft, called SuperCraft. What you do in the game is really simple! Help a superhero to protect the world. Yes, it is a big and significant mission is! Come on!

The name of the hero is Steve. Plenty of enemies flying in the sky are attacking him. To help him, you must do 2 jobs. Initially, Steven should be kept in balance on air. So you must control him cleverly by using the left mouse. Secondly, make sure to instruct him exactly aim and fire at such flying enemies ahead. Try to do these tasks at the same time so that our hero does not fall down, or the game is over! The more dead enemies reward you with the valuable bonuses and high scores.

Inspire yourself with the content of SuperCraft now! Wish you all happy and fun with the choice at weekend!

How to play

Fly: Use the mouse.
Shoot: Use the spacebar key.

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Onet Minecraft https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/onet-minecraft/ https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/onet-minecraft/#respond Sat, 06 May 2017 08:54:27 +0000 https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/onet-minecraft/ Onet Minecraft

Hi, guys! Are you a big fan of matching games? Then, skipping Onet Minecraft seems to be a big pity for sure! You will be undoubtedly engrossed by the game’s content due to its amazing secrets.

The game’s rule is quite easy to fulfill. You are required to find the pairs of the identical blocks and then connect them together by using the mouse. But, it is important to know that the path between those 2 blocks is only limited to 3 lines. The game ends if you fail to follow this rule! Try to remove all the Minecraft blocks before the timer bar is up. Ensure to get the point game for a surprising experience. Let us see your score after playing the game successfully.

You need to be hurried as the time is limited. Feel free to get access to Onet Minecraft. Have fun, guys!

How to play

Take control over the game by the mouse.

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Onet Connect Foods https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/onet-connect-foods/ https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/onet-connect-foods/#respond Sat, 06 May 2017 08:47:11 +0000 https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/onet-connect-foods/ Onet Connect Foods

Hello, anybody! Onet Connect Foods is an incredible classic matching game you should not miss at weekend.

The main goal is so simple! Players should express their sharp-eyed and skillful ability to figure out any similar items as soon as possible! The 2 identical foods will be removed when you click on them. But, keep in mind that the street between such 2 foods is only maximized within 3 lines. Hence, make effort to eliminate all the food items before time is up. In addition, it is quite possible to add more 10 seconds of playing or even use the hint function deadlock after your fund reaches up to 5000$. For that reason, try to save point game as much as possible!

Playing Onet Connect Foods is a good way to know how many scores you gain and how intelligent you are. Good luck!

How to play

Simply to get the game activated by the left mouse only.

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Floppy Craft https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/floppy-craft/ https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/floppy-craft/#respond Sat, 06 May 2017 08:34:47 +0000 https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/floppy-craft/ Floppy Craft

Hi, gamers! Are you good at playing Flappy Bird? Then, Floppy Craft becomes a good choice! Play the game and show us your feat. This new version is accompanied with many interesting features.

The main goal is simple! Make sure the craftsman flies through a jungle full of vertical pillars and narrow gaps without dropping down. The game is over if he encounters the pillars or even falls down on the ground. At that time, you must restart the game again. While the rule sounds simple, conquering it and having a good score is indeed a challenge. But, it is time to hone your skillful hands and observation skills. Play and let us see your ability!

Are you ready for the task? Then, don’t be reluctant to jump into Floppy Craft. Share us your excellent score after playing the game. OK? Good luck!

How to play

Simply make use of the mouse to enjoy the game.

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FightingCraft https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/fightingcraft/ https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/fightingcraft/#respond Sat, 06 May 2017 08:25:30 +0000 https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/fightingcraft/ FightingCraft

Relax yourself and immerse in the content of FightingCraft right now! The game brings you a chance to show off your cleverness and smartness for sure. Here we are!

See a craftsman ahead? He would like to restore his old house by pushing and gathering sticks. Help his job become easier and more convenient by guiding him right or left. The game is over in two cases: First, if he unintentionally hits any type of obstructions. Second, if the timeout has just expired. Thus, be careful in all time. Do not forget to enjoy happy moments with other players. Then, have both your scores compared together. It is better to let your score be in good exchange of any craftsman you like best.

So, what do you think? Fall in love with FightingCraft at the first time? Hence, it’s time to play the game and enjoy your joyful time now.

How to play

To control the game, the left mouse should be used for sure.

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Craft Shooting https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/craft-shooting/ https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/craft-shooting/#respond Sat, 06 May 2017 08:15:06 +0000 https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/craft-shooting/ Craft Shooting

When living in peace, people often ignore how to protect this peace. And this is very true in Craft Shooting! The game tells about a tranquil Minecraft land, where the locals are happy and content with their lives. But, one unexpected thing has to come: dozens of zombies flock to and invade the land. Of course, everyone is anxious since they aren’t equipped themselves with any fighting skill. As a superhero, you cannot be idle, right? Take action now!

You are given an advanced gun for the upcoming war! The main game is simple! Try to exactly aim and shoot at all of them to death! Use the mouse to fulfill the mission. There more enemies are killed, the more valuable bonuses you will gain. The best way to use them is to buy the superb explosion! Try best and good luck!

Winning Craft Shooting is not an easy task since you must spend much time and effort. Have a fun moment!

How to play

The game is maneuvered by the left click and spacebar key.

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Aircraft Fighter https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/aircraft-fighter/ https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/aircraft-fighter/#respond Sat, 06 May 2017 07:59:37 +0000 https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/aircraft-fighter/ Aircraft Fighter

Try to have your flying and shooting skills enhanced by a chance to participate in Aircraft Fighter! It is urgent to know that our planet is now being invaded by lots of the aggressive enemies. Let’s take action or we all die soon! Today, you are responsible for protecting the Earth as a superhero. Here we are!

There are 2 vital in-game tasks you need to fulfill. First of all, it is necessary to conquer the outer space as soon as possible! Secondly, it is time to eliminate all aircrafts. It is interesting to know that your aircraft automatically flies. Thus, you have to do only one thing: That is to shoot at all the opponent fighter aircrafts by holding the mouse or touching the screen. Keep the gas always fun through continuously grabbing fuel and diamonds. Avoid crashing to any opposing aircraft. Or your machine is damaged and broken into pieces!

Happy time in Aircraft Fighter!

How to play

Hold the left mouse to play this game.

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Match Craft https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/match-craft/ https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/match-craft/#respond Sun, 12 Mar 2017 10:00:40 +0000 https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/match-craft/ Match Craft

Let’s put creative buildings and survival modes aside. Instead, you are now invited to enjoy a puzzle game, called Match Craft – a wonderful matching game! It is time to let your brain work. Here we come!

Making flawless combinations of the identical 3D Minecraft voxel blocks is what you must do in this game. Ensure to connect at least 3 or more blocks which have the same look by drawing a line over them. You have permission to move vertically, horizontally, and diagonally until all blocks are quite disappeared from the screen. Of course, the longer your combo is, the better your points are! Be skilful to overcome 100 hand-crafted levels. During the progresses, it is also a nice ideal to mine for treasure chests and unlock all of these Minecraft blocks. 3 stars are for winners who may control several objectives on each stage perfectly.

Enjoy Match Craft for fun and joy!

How to play

Use the mouse to make connections to these blocks.

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Minecraft TriviaCraft https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/minecraft-triviacraft/ https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/minecraft-triviacraft/#respond Sun, 12 Mar 2017 08:00:36 +0000 https://minecraftgamesfreeplay.com/minecraft-triviacraft/ Minecraft TriviaCraft

If you want to prove that you’re a loyal fan of Minecraft, then joining in Minecraft TriviaCraft is a good idea. The game brings you a cool chance to learn new knowledge and improve your understanding. Let’s go!

The game contains a series of tricky questions about the sandbox world. The main goal is simply to select correct answers to any query. Before answering, it is better to recall all details about Minecraft you have known. Each question has 4 choices for you to consider. Needless to say, no hint is included here! Thus, make sure to read them carefully, and then select the best option. Remember to keep wrong answers to a minimum as the game requests losers to restart until they pick the right answer.

Don’t worry! If you unintentionally choose wrong choice, playing Minecraft TriviaCraft again is also a way to sharpen your knowledge. Hope you succeed!

How to play

The answers are chosen by the left mouse.

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