In 1873 Joseph Jaggar went to play roulette table in a casino in Monaco named as Monte Carlo and went on to win huge amount of two million francs in three days. It was an amazing casino hot streak and he made a lot of money with it and a lot of people have followed Joseph Jaggar tactics that day. A person Alas has revealed that and discovered the winning casino hot streak of the Joseph Jagger and find out that it was not a case of cheating or trick but its just the matter of good luck and intelligence.

Joseph jaggar famous casino hot streak was revealed soon that they Joseph has been researching on the roulette wheel and noticed that unfairness because of the balance of the wheel in roulette wheel table. For this purpose of his research and task he had send many scouts to a particular table and note down the results of the wheel spins in order to make the best use of these results. Joseph Jaggers hot streak was ended soon.

The question arises how this casino hot streak was ended. Joseph Jagger has won a lot of money by using his mind and knowledge in very short time. After losing hot streak the casino move the roulette table to other place but when entered in the casino Jagger soon find out the roulette wheel table with the knowledge and skills and won more cash as well. After losing such money to Joseph Jagger finally casino management realized the trick and made some changes to the roulette table, and then they makes changes to these roulette tables on daily basis to avoid loss and made alterations and with it Joseph good fortune and casino hot streak was exposed and ended but he already won million of francs. This short story of casino hot streak made him legend and hero. What Joseph Jagger done was legal and there was no element of cheating was involved in it. There are many other people who have also tried to copy the tricks of Joseph Jaggar to win money but they do not become successful like him.