Hello, everyone! Want to govern your own kingdom in the Minecraft world? There is no reason to feel hesitant about that. Let me show you how to do that by playing Cubecrafts! Come on!

After setting foot in the world, you will be firstly bewildered by a platform where there is nothing, but big cubes. Please hold the given pickaxe and break the cubes to gather raw materials, like coal, ore, wood, steel, glass, gold, silver, and so on. Then, build your own world by using your imagination and creativeness. You have permission to generate whatever you wish since you are the only owner of the Minecraft world. It is also a nice idea to grow cereal and craft weapons which are useful to defeat the cruel creatures once they attack you at night.

Enjoy and good luck to you in Cubecrafts!


How to play

Move with the ASDW keys or arrow keys.
Jump with the Spacebar key.
Open the Inventory by E key.
Alter the tools by R key.
Remove and place the blocks down by the left mouse.


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