Creep Craft

Creep Craft

Creep Craft promise to bring players excitement and joy after a long day of working or studying! There we come!

Here is a green creeper! Although his ancestor is humans’ enemy, his personalities are quite different. That’s why everyone loves and is ready to support him every time. Today, he goes out of his dull shelter to explore what is new and fascinating outside the world. Unfortunately, a number of dangerous zombies on the ground want to slay him, players! Please help him conquer these creatures. First of all, craft a sword by gathering and using the given materials (wood and rocks). Second, use it to attack the incoming enemies to death. Recover his lives by eating pigs, remember!

Creep Craft ideally comes to an end when you help the creeper survive within 5 nights. Get ready! Have a fun moment!


How to play

The left mouse: Craft.
The arrow keys: Move.
The Spacebar: Attack.

Incoming search terms:

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