Hello, all Minecraft addicts! Are you confident of your artful hands that may design any aesthetic item, based on your imagination? Let us see your talents by participating in Crafting! The main objective is to turn a few potential items into equipment or consumables! Let’s go!

After entering the playfield, you are given a recipe that helps you know how to craft anything of dream. Drag the suggested items from the Inventory into the crafting grid and then organize them, according to the available model. The game rewards you with a chance to become anyone in the world. That means you may become an artificer who creates useful weapons, a chef who cooks delicious dishes, a jeweler who makes gorgeous jewels, or even a tailor who designs many powerful armors.

Get ready to challenge your mind? Let everyone’s eyebrows being raised by your skills and creativeness. Happy time in Crafting!


How to play

The game is activated by the mouse.


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