Craft Shooting

Craft Shooting

When living in peace, people often ignore how to protect this peace. And this is very true in Craft Shooting! The game tells about a tranquil Minecraft land, where the locals are happy and content with their lives. But, one unexpected thing has to come: dozens of zombies flock to and invade the land. Of course, everyone is anxious since they aren’t equipped themselves with any fighting skill. As a superhero, you cannot be idle, right? Take action now!

You are given an advanced gun for the upcoming war! The main game is simple! Try to exactly aim and shoot at all of them to death! Use the mouse to fulfill the mission. There more enemies are killed, the more valuable bonuses you will gain. The best way to use them is to buy the superb explosion! Try best and good luck!

Winning Craft Shooting is not an easy task since you must spend much time and effort. Have a fun moment!


How to play

The game is maneuvered by the left click and spacebar key.


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