Did you know that Minecraft world has been in danger? Enter CastleMine to help innocent locals right now! Do not be backward as they are very miserable and scared.

A swarm of gruesome of cruel creepers are invading and attacking the Minecraft world. Your castle is going to be ruined if no one slows down their waves. How? First of all, dig a tunnel underground to defend the essential towers from their destruction. Choose Fire, Lightning, or Freeze tower to stop their invasion. Further, it is also a nice idea to gather some valuable blocks, like gold, silver, relic, skull, and so on. The reason is that such blocks are useful in honing the tower ability. Never let those creepers enter the entrance of the castle successfully, or the game is over.

There is a hint for you: That is to follow all useful instructions in the game to fulfill the request soon. Happy time in CastleMine!


How to play

Press the left mouse to manage the game’s content.


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