When you think of Jamaica, which comes to mind is white with beautiful turquoise water beaches, palm trees and unspoiled nature by humans and / or pollution, paradise on earth short. Jamaica offers much more than just unspoiled nature by daylight, but also an exciting time in the night of his ten casinos in major cities of interest to visitors.

Kingston, the capital and largest city, has two casinos, Falmouth has one, two in Negril, Ocho Rios, which is a major port, there are two, and Montego Bay, which is also a gateway, there are four. In addition to Ocho Rios and Montego Bay attract many tourists, most but not all, cruise ships. Resorts Jamaica to host most of the casinos, and this is convenient for travelers who do not have to travel longer to play their favorite games.

The treasure hunt, which is located in Ocho Rios is Jamaicas largest casino, with a total of 120 slot machines. In the Jamaica casinos, table games are not common, but most casinos have many machines and are often 24 hours a day, like a treasure hunt of Ocho Rios. However, hours vary widely and it is advisable to check before leaving. A casino in Jamaica, Sunset Beach Resort & Spa is open daily 8: 00 to 18: 00 only.
To participate in any game, you must be 18 or older in Jamaica, and the same applies for consumption of alcoholic beverages, wearing a photo ID, such as some Jamaica casinos may require you before entering and can play.

Besides the casinos, the game also includes Jamaica horse race track. There is only one such facility in St. Catherine on the Caymanas Park where you can play and watch live horse racing. The challenge is open Monday to Saturday from 8: 30-4: 30.
In the Jamaica casinos, English is the official language, as Jamaica was a British colony, but there are many dialects spoken in the country, which are difficult to understand or follow, but fascinating to hear. The people of Jamaica are very friendly, welcoming him home to enjoy their culture and the flavor of its cuisine, specialties like the famous Jamaica rum and rum cakes. Enjoy this beautiful country and hospitality every time they go to the Caribbean, and the excitement of the casinos.