Block Miner

Block Miner

We are happy to bring you the good news! A chance to improve your shooting skill is close to you. Yes, we are mentioning Block Miner! Combined with Minecraft theme, the game surely becomes an ideal spot for you to practice and gain experience. Come on!

At the firs time, your eyes will be caught by the game’s gorgeous and wonderful platform, right? The main goal here is to destroy all blocks in each stage. But, there is one thing you should remember! The task must be done letting the ball fall down. The given paddle is used to bounce the ball and ravage all Minecraft buildings. While shooting the ball, you are advised to gather power-ups for assistance and XP for high score. Each block has its own secret, remember! Some blocks supply you with gems and diamonds, while more balls may be found from other blocks.

It is hard to refuse this cool chance, right? Play Block Miner and good luck to you!


How to play

The left mouse is definitely held to play the game.


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