Aircraft Fighter

Aircraft Fighter

Try to have your flying and shooting skills enhanced by a chance to participate in Aircraft Fighter! It is urgent to know that our planet is now being invaded by lots of the aggressive enemies. Let’s take action or we all die soon! Today, you are responsible for protecting the Earth as a superhero. Here we are!

There are 2 vital in-game tasks you need to fulfill. First of all, it is necessary to conquer the outer space as soon as possible! Secondly, it is time to eliminate all aircrafts. It is interesting to know that your aircraft automatically flies. Thus, you have to do only one thing: That is to shoot at all the opponent fighter aircrafts by holding the mouse or touching the screen. Keep the gas always fun through continuously grabbing fuel and diamonds. Avoid crashing to any opposing aircraft. Or your machine is damaged and broken into pieces!

Happy time in Aircraft Fighter!


How to play

Hold the left mouse to play this game.


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